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The Non-Prophets 11.9 – Matt Dillahunty, Russell Glasser, Dennis Loubet.

Anonymous Atheists -Robert M. Price.

Why don’t the faithful debate each other? – Jerry Coyne.

Dennett on atheism denial -Jerry Coyne.

Can Homosexuals be Christians? -C Michael Scott.

Addiction and Responsibility (Part Three) -John Danaher.

The “Reasonable Doubts” podcast on presuppositional apologetics: Part 1 -Rhology.

Paul Draper’s burden of proof for the theist -Helen De Cruz.

What Is Consciousness? Another Reply to Kastrup -Steven Novella.

The Epistemic Objection to Torture (Part One)and Two– John Danher.

Women were incapable of having seminal ideas -Ophelia Benson.

Eroding Feminism – Lauryn Oates.

Pro-life arson -Ophelia Benson.

I have a look at Ehrman’s new book on Jesus -Jerry Coyne.

Book Snap: Robert Price’s “The Christ-Myth Theory and Its Problems” -J.P Holding.

Question: God and Necessity -Randy Everist.

Assessing evidence for the existence of Jesus -Stephen Law.

New Online Resource: Papers by Alvin Plantinga -Ex-Apologist.

Leiter on Krauss vs. the Philosophers -Ex-Apologist.

Craig on Materialism -Victor Reppert.

Do philosophers of religion rate religious arguments differently from other philosophers? (short answer: yes) – Helen De Cruz.

PSR for Naturalists– Ex-Apologist.

Naturalism and Necessary Beings (Very, Very Rough Draft) -Ex-Apologist.

Philosophers and physicists duke it out -Ophelia Benson.

Accurately Describing the Bible Is Not Oppression -Amanda Marcotte.

Louise Mensch deserves our solidarity -Ellie Mae O’hagan.

Taking a Look at Mainstream Christian Beliefs

On Sexual Harassment -Richard Carrier.

Pastor Worley or ‘Pastor’ Worley? -Justin Vacula.

Women and Combative Atheist

The structure of social revolutions, part 1 – Russell Glasser.


A new poll on the politics, religiosity, and well being of Americans -Jerry Coyne.

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