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Gallup: ’32% of Americans are Nonreligious’ -Hermant Mehta.

Review of The Ultimate Why Question: Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing at All? -Ex-Apologist

Is Plantinga’s Free Will Defense A Successful Reply to the Logical Problem of Evil? -Ex-Apologist

Morriston’s Paper on Plantinga’s EAAN-Ex-Apologist.

A Short Dialogue on Transworld Depravity and the Free Will Defense -Ex-Apologist

On the Modal Analysis of Libertarian Freedom in Plantinga’s Free Will Defense-Ex-Apologist.

David Albert Comments on Krauss’ A Universe from Nothing -Ex-Apologist.

What Ehrman actually says – Ophelia Benson.

Is there Nothing Wrong with Being Religious? -John Shook.

Tripping Balls -Matt McCormick.

The Scientific Verdict on God (Part 2): Supernaturalism as a Scientifically Testable Model– Nathan Dickey.

How to make something from nothing – Eric MacDonald.

Answering Some of My Critics -John Loftus.

Atheists Don’t Just Want Sex and Drugs

Let’s Keep New Atheism Strident – Eric MacDonald.

How Unnatural Is Religion? -John Shook.

“Good” Philosophy and Apologetics -Philostroll.

The Biblical Historicity Argument: An Analysis -Philosotroll.

A Massive Reason Rally Recap (with Videos and Behind-the-Scenes Pictures) -Hermant Mehta.

Discussing the Reason Rally and Atheism on NPR -Hermant Mehta.

Richard Dawkins’ Speech at the American Atheists Convention -Hermant Mehta.

Reason Rally on the Mall is a milestone event for the growing atheist movement -Rick Wingrove.

Woodstock For Atheists’: A Moment For Nonbelievers -Barbara Bradley Hagerty.

Atheists, others gather at Reason Rally – Lori Aratani.

Young atheists come online -Hermant Mehta.

What Percentage of Prisoners Are Atheists? Pew Forum Offers An Answer -Hermant Mehta.

Militant is the new neo -Ophelia Benson.

Measuring the Success of the Atheist Movement

Reason Rally/American Atheists wrap up -JT Eberhard.

Richard Dawkins – Agnostic -Steven Novella.


Abortions rates are lower in countries where it is legal- some thoughts on recent pro-choice comments -J.W Wartick.

The Ontology of Morality: Some Problems for Humanists and their friends -J.W Wartick.

Melting Ice Waiting for Delivery-J.P Holding.

Are indexicals a threat to materialism– Victor Reppert.

The Modal Ontological Argument-Randy Everist.

Do Atheists Know God Exists? -Randy Everist.

Naturalis Historia: Is Young Earth Creationism True? -J.W Wartick.

In which I stick my nose into someone else’s business-Lydia McGrew.

Trust in testimony and miracles -Helen De Cruz.

Book Snap: Bart Ehrman’s “Did Jesus Exist?” -J.P Holding.

Don’t you trust women to make the right decision for themselves on their own?

“Reason Rally”: Doubleplusgood newspeak for groupthink! -Edward Feser.


Autism prevalence: Now estimated to be one in 88, and the antivaccine movement goes wild -David Gorski.

To rule out god, first get to know him


Another crime for which faith is culpable -JT Eberhard.

We have ways of making you silent -Ophelia Benson.

School officials ordered to apologize in prayer case -Guillermo Contreras.

Attorneys Defend Pastor Accused Of Encouraging Corporal Punishment Against Children

Pennsylvania Church Kidnaps Teens, Holds Them At Gunpoint, For ‘Learning Exercise’ (VIDEO) -Laura Hibbard.

Tribal woman shot for refusing to withdraw daughter’s rape case -Milind Ghatwai.

Say prayer works or we will squash you -Ophelia Benson.

Weekly Poll: How Have Courts Treated Christians and Christianity? -Austin Cline.

Pat Robertson Supports Legalizing Marijuana

Teach the Controversy: Teach Kids All the Theories about Sex! -Austin Cline.

Do You Know How Many Slaves Work for You? -Beth Scott.

Bringing Philosophical Women out of the Shadows

In Defense of Sex

How the Pill Changed Women’s Wages

Contraception, Again… -Mike Labossiere.

Contraception, Once Again -Mike Labossiere.

How Birth Control Can Help You Finish College

Is Eating Meat Ethical? -Mark Sisson.

Of Limbaugh & Maher -Mike Labossiere.

Creating a Safe Harbor for Nonbelievers

Why women need secularism – R. Elisabeth Cornwell.

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