Hey guys, I’ve added a new sub-heading this week “philosophy”, enjoy!


Guest post: Catholicism waning in Ireland – Sigmund.

Why are the young abandoning Christianity? -Jerry Coyne.

Religion of peace firebombs a paper for satire -Jerry Coyne.

Afghan woman’s choice: 12 years in jail or marry her rapist and risk death -Nick Paton Walsh.

Republicans insane; want to establish theocracy -Jerry Coyne.

Child Rape, Penn State and the Catholic Church: Is Religion Especially Bad? – Greta Christina.

Afghan women have continued to struggle -Ophelia Benson.

New Hampshire Gay Marriage Battle Highlights Republican Shifts

Australia Gay Marriage Advocacy Group Unveils Sweet, Sexy New Ad (VIDEO)

Acid attack survivors network in Bangladesh – in pictures

Atheists are the most generous—even without heavenly reward! -Hank Pellisier.


‘Tis a good day to #creozerg -PZ Myers.

The Kensington Forgery -PZ Myers.

A very silly calculation -PZ Myers.

William Lane Craig and the problem of pain -PZ Myers.

What have the students been up to this week? -PZ Myers.

How many genes does it take to make a squid eye? -PZ Myers.

Watts wrote a check he couldn’t cash -PZ Myers.

What have my students been thinking about lately? -PZ Myers.

Humans learn to walk like rats -FREYA BOARDMAN-PRETTY

“New” Genes May Have Played a Role in Human Brain Evolution -Charles Q Choi.

Did climate change doom roaming Neanderthals? -Emily Sohn.

Team pinpoints date and rate of Earth’s most extreme extinction

Neutrino experiment repeat at Cern finds same result -Jason Palmer.

LHC Combination Of Higgs Limits: MH<141 GeV -Tommaso Dorigo.

A whole book on the evolution of eyes -Jerry Coyne.

More religious incursion into science -Jerry Coyne.

Another paper on “symbiotic speciation” by Donald Williamson is retracted -Jerry Coyne.

Researchers Turn Embryonic Stem Cells into Functioning Neurons

Microraptor – the four-winged dinosaur that ate birds -Ed Yong.

Skeleton of ancient human relative may yield skin -Catherine Brahic and Rohan Hooper.

Twenty Years After “Darwin on Trial”, ID is Dead -Jason Rosenhouse.

Benefits tied to immunisation-Daniel Midgley.

“Great Dying” Lasted 200,000 Years -Brian Handwerk.

Top Ten Myths About the Brain -Lauren Helmuth.

NASA Researchers: DNA Building Blocks Can Be Made in Space -Bill Stiegerwald.

Life began with a planetary mega-organism-Michael Marshall.

Worms Can Evolve to Survive Intersex Populations -Dannielle Whitaker.


Should Zygotes be Considered People? -Mike Labossiere.

Keith Ward & The Jerry Coyne Challenge -Jim P Houston.

Theologians don’t get to slither out from under the rules of nature -PZ Myers.

Can philosophy or religion alone establish facts? -Jerry Coyne.

Is science so limited? -Russell Blackford.

Does religion answer factual questions? -Russell Blackford.

Marriage, A Few Modest Proposals -Mike Labossiere.

On Science and What Is the Case -Eric MacDonald.

How Theologians Play With Words -Eric MacDonald.

When did the Roman Catholic Church replace ‘sanctity’ with ‘dignity’ when promoting its Death Cult “pro-life” ideas? -Eric MacDonald.


Bibliography on Arguments for Atheism-Jeffrey Jay Lowder.

Hitler was a True Christian™ -PZ Myers.

How Darwinian and atheistic were the Nazis? -Jerry Coyne.

Argument Against the Resurrection of Jesus-Bradley Bowden.

Apologist Josh McDowell: Internet the Greatest Threat to Christians-Jeffery Jay Lowder.

Links and News — 21-Nov-11-Jeffery Jay lowder.

Links and News — 19-Nov-11-Jeffery Jay Lowder.

God, Multi-verses, and Modal Realism-Graham Oppy.

Moreland on Consciousness-Graham Oppy.

Hume’s Beautiful Argument-Keith Parsons.

Geisler and Scholarship-Keith Parsons.

Skeptics Are Not Gloating Over the Treatment of Michael Licona-Jeffery Jay Lowder.

Norman Geisler on Evangelical Scholarship and Following the Evidence Wherever It Leads-Jeffrey Jay Lowder.

Why I am an atheist -Russell Glasser.

The one (of many) where I’m threatened with Hell… -Matt Dillahunty.


Question about Possible Worlds-Randy Everist.

What part of “nothing” don’t you understand?– Edward Feser.

A Christian Gives Thanks That America Is Not A Christian Nation-Parker J. Palmer.

Jephthah, Human Sacrifice, and God: What should we make of Judges 11:29-40? -JW Wartick.

What if God commanded murder?-Randy Everist.

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