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Paul Kurtz on separation of church and state

The continuing battle for democracy has been accompanied by a call for separation of church and state. The Religious Right in the United States has insisted on making the voice of religion inappropriately prominent in the public square, and it has attempted to secure governmental funding for religious schools and charities. It has sought to mandate the teaching of creationism or intelligent design alongside evolution in the public schools and has tried to limit the rights of unbelievers. All such measures were opposed by secular humanists. They believe that religion should be a private matter and that the integrity of science should be defended so that students can be exposed to the best science, and that the rights of non-believers be given equal status with believers. (Kurtz, What is Secular Humanism? pp. 48-9, 2007)

Kurtz P. (2007). What is Secular Humanism? Amherst, New York. Prometheus Books. pp. 48-9.

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