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Sorry guys, a little lazy this week, little to no annotation 😦


An interesting article, the author actually makes a point I made in my last articles blog about a person holding a position (or worldview in the case of this blog) being the first to define that for themselves, I totally agree with that. The problem is, they immediately go and contradict that, when discussing atheism here. They attempt to tell us, what atheism means and why, uh, sorry, what? After the speech the author gives in the blog directly before, we then get this? I do actually happen to agree with much of his post though (except for the ridiculous crap at the bottom of the post),  the problem is we would both make the same point from opposite sides. They would say “atheism says nothing so atheists believe and stand for nothing“, whereas an atheist would say “atheism says nothing, but it’s not supposed to, secular humanism, naturalism these are (atheistic) worldviews, which say a lot!


The war continues.

Only if you’re committed to inerrancy.


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