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It’s been a while between articles posts, let’s get straight into it:

Philosophy Bites – Links to the First 176 Episodes -Edmonds and Warburton.

LCA 2013: distributed democracy, speaking stacks, links -Sky Croeser.

Anti-Muslim hysteria in Australia -Russell Glasser.

We get email: Believers and their security blankets -Martin Wagner.

The Argument from “It Just Makes Sense to Me”

Atheist Arrested for Blasphemy, and How You Can Help

Mail bin: arguing with the FAQ

Good luck in Somalia- Ophelia Benson.

Egyptian atheist facing blasphemy sentence - Jacob Fortin.

Repairs under way -Ophelia Benson.

A fabulous “Manly Meal”-Ophelia Benson.

WL Craig on Morality and Meaning (Series Index) -John Danaher.

My Favourite Posts of 2012 -John Danaher.

Sexual Objectification: An Atheist Perspective -Richard Carrier.

Prototypical Sexist Atheist on Exhibit- Richard Carrier.

Atheism+ : The Name for What’s Happening-Richard Carrier.

Waldron on pornography -Russell Blackford.

Gay Bishop Comes Up With the Worst Argument to Support Same-Sex Marriage- Greta Christina.

My Letter to the Boy Scouts- Greta Christina.

Same-Sex Marriage Opponents Increasingly Desperate and Stupid – Greta Christina.

String of atheism signs vandalized, no real action taken by officials – Jacob Fortin.

Catholic Priest blames women for bringing violence on themselves – Jacob Fortin.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews harass sexually abused girl – Jacob Fortin.

Bill O’Reilly calls David Silverman a Fascist – Jacob Fortin.

Top 10 anti-Christian acts of 2012 -J.T Eberhard.

Most insulting fundraiser ever. – J.T Eberhard.

Don’t Say Gay legislator: being gay is like shooting heroin. -J.T Eberhard.

74 years of female slave labor in the 20th century, courtesy of the Catholic Church. – J.T Eberhard.

How often god’s moral decrees bear no resemblance to justice. -J.T Eberhard.

Gay friends? Me dear? How very dare you! You’re mistaking me for Muhammad - Barry Duke.

Investigation launched over nurse who allegedly told a family to put their trust in Allah – Barry Duke.

Only fools and Christians: ‘Born-again’ Tennessee man quits job over 666 tax code – Barry Duke.

Catholic meddling appears to have delayed Boy Scouts of America’s decision on gay inclusion – Barry Duke.

Danish police on the hunt for a gunman who tried to kill Islam critic Lars Hedegaard - Barry Duke.

Brazilian pastor is behind bars after telling his flock that his penis contained ‘holy milk’ - Barry Duke.

Another devastating week for the RC Church as more of its criminality is exposed - Barry Duke.

Craig’s Argument for God from Intentionality – Philosotroll.

Witch Hunts in Papua New Guinea – Leo Igwe.

Randal Rauser on William Lane Craig’s defense of the Canaanite genocide -Chris Hallquist.

More Powerpoint Slides from a Christian Pastor’s Anti-Gay Sermon – Hermant Mehta.

Woman Brutally Murdered in Papua New Guinea After Being Accused of Sorcery – Hermant Mehta.

Christians in Indiana Unite to Create a Prom That Gay Students Can’t Attend – Hermant Mehta.

Virginia Senate Approves Bill Allowing College Groups to Discriminate Based On Religious Beliefs -Hermant Mehta.

Who Still Thinks the Church Has Any Moral Credibility? -Hermant Mehta.

Christian Pastor: I’d Rather Experience Chinese Water Torture Than Listen to a Woman Argue With Me – Hermant Mehta.

Shells and switches -Deacon Duncan.

God and the PlayStation 3 -Deacon Duncan.

The Gypsy Curse -Deacon Duncan.

Religions will never be satisfied — they will always up the ante until they are in charge -Eric MacDonald.


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The Non-Prophets 11.9 – Matt Dillahunty, Russell Glasser, Dennis Loubet.

Anonymous Atheists -Robert M. Price.

Why don’t the faithful debate each other? – Jerry Coyne.

Dennett on atheism denial -Jerry Coyne.

Can Homosexuals be Christians? -C Michael Scott.

Addiction and Responsibility (Part Three) -John Danaher.

The “Reasonable Doubts” podcast on presuppositional apologetics: Part 1 -Rhology.

Paul Draper’s burden of proof for the theist -Helen De Cruz.

What Is Consciousness? Another Reply to Kastrup -Steven Novella.

The Epistemic Objection to Torture (Part One)and Two- John Danher.

Women were incapable of having seminal ideas -Ophelia Benson.

Eroding Feminism – Lauryn Oates.

Pro-life arson -Ophelia Benson.

I have a look at Ehrman’s new book on Jesus -Jerry Coyne.

Book Snap: Robert Price’s “The Christ-Myth Theory and Its Problems” -J.P Holding.

Question: God and Necessity -Randy Everist.

Assessing evidence for the existence of Jesus -Stephen Law.

New Online Resource: Papers by Alvin Plantinga -Ex-Apologist.

Leiter on Krauss vs. the Philosophers -Ex-Apologist.

Craig on Materialism -Victor Reppert.

Do philosophers of religion rate religious arguments differently from other philosophers? (short answer: yes) – Helen De Cruz.

PSR for Naturalists- Ex-Apologist.

Naturalism and Necessary Beings (Very, Very Rough Draft) -Ex-Apologist.

Philosophers and physicists duke it out -Ophelia Benson.

Accurately Describing the Bible Is Not Oppression -Amanda Marcotte.

Louise Mensch deserves our solidarity -Ellie Mae O’hagan.

Taking a Look at Mainstream Christian Beliefs

On Sexual Harassment -Richard Carrier.

Pastor Worley or ‘Pastor’ Worley? -Justin Vacula.

Women and Combative Atheist

The structure of social revolutions, part 1 – Russell Glasser.


A new poll on the politics, religiosity, and well being of Americans -Jerry Coyne.

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Gallup: ’32% of Americans are Nonreligious’ -Hermant Mehta.

Review of The Ultimate Why Question: Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing at All? -Ex-Apologist

Is Plantinga’s Free Will Defense A Successful Reply to the Logical Problem of Evil? -Ex-Apologist

Morriston’s Paper on Plantinga’s EAAN-Ex-Apologist.

A Short Dialogue on Transworld Depravity and the Free Will Defense -Ex-Apologist

On the Modal Analysis of Libertarian Freedom in Plantinga’s Free Will Defense-Ex-Apologist.

David Albert Comments on Krauss’ A Universe from Nothing -Ex-Apologist.

What Ehrman actually says – Ophelia Benson.

Is there Nothing Wrong with Being Religious? -John Shook.

Tripping Balls -Matt McCormick.

The Scientific Verdict on God (Part 2): Supernaturalism as a Scientifically Testable Model- Nathan Dickey.

How to make something from nothing - Eric MacDonald.

Answering Some of My Critics -John Loftus.

Atheists Don’t Just Want Sex and Drugs

Let’s Keep New Atheism Strident – Eric MacDonald.

How Unnatural Is Religion? -John Shook.

“Good” Philosophy and Apologetics -Philostroll.

The Biblical Historicity Argument: An Analysis -Philosotroll.

A Massive Reason Rally Recap (with Videos and Behind-the-Scenes Pictures) -Hermant Mehta.

Discussing the Reason Rally and Atheism on NPR -Hermant Mehta.

Richard Dawkins’ Speech at the American Atheists Convention -Hermant Mehta.

Reason Rally on the Mall is a milestone event for the growing atheist movement -Rick Wingrove.

Woodstock For Atheists': A Moment For Nonbelievers -Barbara Bradley Hagerty.

Atheists, others gather at Reason Rally – Lori Aratani.

Young atheists come online -Hermant Mehta.

What Percentage of Prisoners Are Atheists? Pew Forum Offers An Answer -Hermant Mehta.

Militant is the new neo -Ophelia Benson.

Measuring the Success of the Atheist Movement

Reason Rally/American Atheists wrap up -JT Eberhard.

Richard Dawkins – Agnostic -Steven Novella.


Abortions rates are lower in countries where it is legal- some thoughts on recent pro-choice comments -J.W Wartick.

The Ontology of Morality: Some Problems for Humanists and their friends -J.W Wartick.

Melting Ice Waiting for Delivery-J.P Holding.

Are indexicals a threat to materialism- Victor Reppert.

The Modal Ontological Argument-Randy Everist.

Do Atheists Know God Exists? -Randy Everist.

Naturalis Historia: Is Young Earth Creationism True? -J.W Wartick.

In which I stick my nose into someone else’s business-Lydia McGrew.

Trust in testimony and miracles -Helen De Cruz.

Book Snap: Bart Ehrman’s “Did Jesus Exist?” -J.P Holding.

Don’t you trust women to make the right decision for themselves on their own?

“Reason Rally”: Doubleplusgood newspeak for groupthink! -Edward Feser.


Autism prevalence: Now estimated to be one in 88, and the antivaccine movement goes wild -David Gorski.

To rule out god, first get to know him


Another crime for which faith is culpable -JT Eberhard.

We have ways of making you silent -Ophelia Benson.

School officials ordered to apologize in prayer case -Guillermo Contreras.

Attorneys Defend Pastor Accused Of Encouraging Corporal Punishment Against Children

Pennsylvania Church Kidnaps Teens, Holds Them At Gunpoint, For ‘Learning Exercise’ (VIDEO) -Laura Hibbard.

Tribal woman shot for refusing to withdraw daughter’s rape case -Milind Ghatwai.

Say prayer works or we will squash you -Ophelia Benson.

Weekly Poll: How Have Courts Treated Christians and Christianity? -Austin Cline.

Pat Robertson Supports Legalizing Marijuana

Teach the Controversy: Teach Kids All the Theories about Sex! -Austin Cline.

Do You Know How Many Slaves Work for You? -Beth Scott.

Bringing Philosophical Women out of the Shadows

In Defense of Sex

How the Pill Changed Women’s Wages

Contraception, Again… -Mike Labossiere.

Contraception, Once Again -Mike Labossiere.

How Birth Control Can Help You Finish College

Is Eating Meat Ethical? -Mark Sisson.

Of Limbaugh & Maher -Mike Labossiere.

Creating a Safe Harbor for Nonbelievers

Why women need secularism – R. Elisabeth Cornwell.

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Fossils shed light on evolutionary origin of animals from single-cell ancestors

cb(3P): New particle at the Large Hadron Collider discovered by ATLAS experiment

The Really, Truly, Newest, Earthiest Planets Yet — Until the Next Ones

Human Testing on Possible HIV Vaccine Starts in Jan.

Ongoing Human Evolution -Austin Cline.

While temperatures rise, denialists reach lower - Phil Plait.

Skin transformed into brain cells –  James Gallagher.

Baby steps versus long jumps: The “size” of evolutionary change, and why it matters – Jeremy Yoder.

A Universe From Nothing – Review – Samantha Nelson.

Embryonic stem cells appear to restore some vision to legally blind patient – Rob Stein and David Brown.

Dolphins and whales: interspecies play? - Jerry Coyne.



Newt Gingrich Says He Will Ignore Supreme Court Rulings He Doesn’t Agree With

Indiana Senate passes bill putting religion in science class – John Timmer.

Why Romney’s Religion Matters – Sean Faircloth.

Do kids have to be taught about the supernatural? - Thomas Rees.

Gingrich vows to ban embryonic stem-cell research, questions in vitro practices –  Karen Tumulty.

When Pseudoscience Kills – Steve Novella.

Student Faces Town’s Wrath in Protest Against a Prayer –  Abby Goodnough.

For Rick Santorum, a Pregnancy That Is the Result of Rape Is a ‘Broken Gift’ – Bentley Owen.

News flash: American Protestant ministers overwhelmingly reject evolution, are split on Earth’s age – Jerry Coyne.

Your state’s report card - PZ Myers.

A British journalist gets it all wrong when explaining why Americans reject evolution – Jerry Coyne.

“Liberal” Anglicans support psychotherapy to cure gay people of their “illness” - Jerry Coyne.

A temple to atheism, for crying out loud - Jerry Coyne.

The dysfunctionality of America: income inequality, religion, and evolution – Jerry Coyne.



On Mass Hallucinations and the Resurrection of Jesus

A New Year’s Resolution: Admit You are an Atheist – John Shook.

Naturalism vs. Supernaturalism: Framing the Debate -John Shook.

Burdon of Proof -Bradyn Stanaway.

Christians & Gay Marriage: Faith-Based Bigotry Against Gay Marriage & Equality - Austin Cline.

More rubbish about “shrill” atheists – this time in The Daily Mail – Russell Blackford.

Why Should Atheists Be More Skeptical? Why is Skepticism Relevant to Atheism? -Austin Cline.

The Scientific Verdict on God (Part 1): Models- Nathan Dickey.

The Problem of Evil: Are atheists simply ‘asking too much?’ –  Justin Vacula.

Local reader argues naturalistic worldview is inadequate – Justin Vacula.

A Note on Craig’s Standard Reply to Mackie on the Kalam Cosmological Argument- Ex-apologist.

Naturalism, Evolution and True Belief - Stephen Law.

Required Reading

Proving God’s Existence is Impossible -John Shook.

Thinking about Thinking

The Secular Outpost: Paul Draper, the Fallacy of Understated Evidence, …

The Debunking Handbook -Daniel Midgeley.

Why I engage-Daniel Midgley.

Religions are totalitarian. If we cannot criticise religion, we cannot be free. – Eric MacDonald.

The Fallacy of Atheism’s Public Relations Problem

Why the secular state has no moral mandate. – Russell Blackford.

Godless Ethics, Morality, and Values: Do Godless Morals & Values Exist? -Austin Cline.


The Moral Argument: Mistakes to Avoid and Practical Advice – J.W Wartick.

Book Review: “Material Beings” by Peter van Inwagen – J.W Wartick.

Christians, homophobia and trying hard to follow Jesus – David Pocock.

Is William Lane Craig a theistic evolutionist? -Steve Hays.

Is Faith Blind? – Randy Everist.

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Hey guys, I’ve added a new sub-heading this week “philosophy”, enjoy!


Guest post: Catholicism waning in Ireland – Sigmund.

Why are the young abandoning Christianity? -Jerry Coyne.

Religion of peace firebombs a paper for satire -Jerry Coyne.

Afghan woman’s choice: 12 years in jail or marry her rapist and risk death -Nick Paton Walsh.

Republicans insane; want to establish theocracy -Jerry Coyne.

Child Rape, Penn State and the Catholic Church: Is Religion Especially Bad? – Greta Christina.

Afghan women have continued to struggle -Ophelia Benson.

New Hampshire Gay Marriage Battle Highlights Republican Shifts

Australia Gay Marriage Advocacy Group Unveils Sweet, Sexy New Ad (VIDEO)

Acid attack survivors network in Bangladesh – in pictures

Atheists are the most generous—even without heavenly reward! -Hank Pellisier.


‘Tis a good day to #creozerg -PZ Myers.

The Kensington Forgery -PZ Myers.

A very silly calculation -PZ Myers.

William Lane Craig and the problem of pain -PZ Myers.

What have the students been up to this week? -PZ Myers.

How many genes does it take to make a squid eye? -PZ Myers.

Watts wrote a check he couldn’t cash -PZ Myers.

What have my students been thinking about lately? -PZ Myers.

Humans learn to walk like rats -FREYA BOARDMAN-PRETTY

“New” Genes May Have Played a Role in Human Brain Evolution -Charles Q Choi.

Did climate change doom roaming Neanderthals? -Emily Sohn.

Team pinpoints date and rate of Earth’s most extreme extinction

Neutrino experiment repeat at Cern finds same result -Jason Palmer.

LHC Combination Of Higgs Limits: MH<141 GeV -Tommaso Dorigo.

A whole book on the evolution of eyes -Jerry Coyne.

More religious incursion into science -Jerry Coyne.

Another paper on “symbiotic speciation” by Donald Williamson is retracted -Jerry Coyne.

Researchers Turn Embryonic Stem Cells into Functioning Neurons

Microraptor – the four-winged dinosaur that ate birds -Ed Yong.

Skeleton of ancient human relative may yield skin -Catherine Brahic and Rohan Hooper.

Twenty Years After “Darwin on Trial”, ID is Dead -Jason Rosenhouse.

Benefits tied to immunisation-Daniel Midgley.

“Great Dying” Lasted 200,000 Years -Brian Handwerk.

Top Ten Myths About the Brain -Lauren Helmuth.

NASA Researchers: DNA Building Blocks Can Be Made in Space -Bill Stiegerwald.

Life began with a planetary mega-organism-Michael Marshall.

Worms Can Evolve to Survive Intersex Populations -Dannielle Whitaker.


Should Zygotes be Considered People? -Mike Labossiere.

Keith Ward & The Jerry Coyne Challenge -Jim P Houston.

Theologians don’t get to slither out from under the rules of nature -PZ Myers.

Can philosophy or religion alone establish facts? -Jerry Coyne.

Is science so limited? -Russell Blackford.

Does religion answer factual questions? -Russell Blackford.

Marriage, A Few Modest Proposals -Mike Labossiere.

On Science and What Is the Case -Eric MacDonald.

How Theologians Play With Words -Eric MacDonald.

When did the Roman Catholic Church replace ‘sanctity’ with ‘dignity’ when promoting its Death Cult “pro-life” ideas? -Eric MacDonald.


Bibliography on Arguments for Atheism-Jeffrey Jay Lowder.

Hitler was a True Christian™ -PZ Myers.

How Darwinian and atheistic were the Nazis? -Jerry Coyne.

Argument Against the Resurrection of Jesus-Bradley Bowden.

Apologist Josh McDowell: Internet the Greatest Threat to Christians-Jeffery Jay Lowder.

Links and News — 21-Nov-11-Jeffery Jay lowder.

Links and News — 19-Nov-11-Jeffery Jay Lowder.

God, Multi-verses, and Modal Realism-Graham Oppy.

Moreland on Consciousness-Graham Oppy.

Hume’s Beautiful Argument-Keith Parsons.

Geisler and Scholarship-Keith Parsons.

Skeptics Are Not Gloating Over the Treatment of Michael Licona-Jeffery Jay Lowder.

Norman Geisler on Evangelical Scholarship and Following the Evidence Wherever It Leads-Jeffrey Jay Lowder.

Why I am an atheist -Russell Glasser.

The one (of many) where I’m threatened with Hell… -Matt Dillahunty.


Question about Possible Worlds-Randy Everist.

What part of “nothing” don’t you understand?- Edward Feser.

A Christian Gives Thanks That America Is Not A Christian Nation-Parker J. Palmer.

Jephthah, Human Sacrifice, and God: What should we make of Judges 11:29-40? -JW Wartick.

What if God commanded murder?-Randy Everist.


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September 9, 2011 4 comments


Theosophy-  Atheism

And more here.


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Sorry guys, a little lazy this week, little to no annotation :(


An interesting article, the author actually makes a point I made in my last articles blog about a person holding a position (or worldview in the case of this blog) being the first to define that for themselves, I totally agree with that. The problem is, they immediately go and contradict that, when discussing atheism here. They attempt to tell us, what atheism means and why, uh, sorry, what? After the speech the author gives in the blog directly before, we then get this? I do actually happen to agree with much of his post though (except for the ridiculous crap at the bottom of the post),  the problem is we would both make the same point from opposite sides. They would say “atheism says nothing so atheists believe and stand for nothing“, whereas an atheist would say “atheism says nothing, but it’s not supposed to, secular humanism, naturalism these are (atheistic) worldviews, which say a lot!


The war continues.

Only if you’re committed to inerrancy.


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August 1, 2011 1 comment


This is pretty much why I don’t debate theists anymore, if you cannot even agree on basic terms, how can you possibly come to any conclusions together? You’ll just be wasting each others time, talking past each other. I instead like to talk in a presuppositional (assume it’s true) sense with theists, ask them about their theology so I might better come to understand it, I find conversations go better that way, especially on the internet.

ECREE is often railed against by the theist community (is there even such a thing?) Reppert has done so too (here, here, here, here,).  I fear there will be a never-ending debate on this issue, even once the term is elaborated,  it comes to simply: (atheist) “you accept evidence I don’t” and (theist) “you don’t accept evidence I do“, how do you cross that impasse?

I guess we have to assume for the sake or argument that this person has the lock on what is moral or not? Since it seems we’re getting to call whomever we choose immoral according to whatever we like: “anyone who doesn’t sleep on their stomach is immoral“, but wait, that’s relativistic isn’t it? Shame. The problem with this kind of slander is (a) what’s the point? (and it makes him look exactly like the “Gnu atheists” he seems to despise)  (b) even if his morals come from God, there are theists who disagree (see the survey presented here, the full survey here) with his positions on the “moral” issues he presents (which isn’t to say they’re not necessarily moral, only to say the issue isn’t as clear-cut as he supposes), so I don’t know how he can claim an absolute (if you’re on the other side of X issue you are immoral), when there clearly isn’t one. This is fundamentalist reasoning.

(more “Gnu Atheist” language here) See more on this article here and here. I’m personally torn on the issue of “religion is evil, it makes us do bad things“, I land more in the “bad ideas, bad reasoning, and poor standards of evidence, can lead us to make bad decisions” camp. Think about Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, leaving aside the issue of religion for a moment, these procedures, where not backed by appropriate levels of evidence (usually defined as double-blind controlled clinical trials) can lead us to adopt inferior medical practices instead of using evidence-based medicine, which can lead to obvious harm. Apply it to religion, we get similar consequences, when people believe things for bad reasons (jury’s still out for me on whether all theists believe for bad reasons- for example, could you say Alvin Plantinga believes for bad reasons? Depends what you mean by “bad“, he’s certainly not an idiot and it’s not like he can’t justify his beliefs, however misguided I, or others might think he is). But this approach of “whenever someone says something bad about some religious person doing a bad thing” you need to pull out instances of “atheist regimes“; there are 2 problems with this (1) couldn’t you simply condemn the bad behaviour by whatever religious person and say “this person does not represent us, and I oppose their actions“? (2) atheist regime means nothing, we can’t establish causation simply because a Christian does something wrong, we need to see if what they did wrong is endorsed and promoted by their worldview, if it isn’t it’s not Christianity’s fault. Same thing with atheism, what does atheism implicitly say that would lead atheist regimes to do anything? Absolutely nothing! This is tired and common apologetic, it’s aim is to be divisive, nothing more.

Are we meant to become theists based on the evidence? Is that how most theists got their god-belief? I’m gonna go out on a limb and say, it seems it’s largely emotional, then supported by the evidence that supports their presuppositions (I’m not condemning presuppositions, we all have them). If I don’t have your revelation, or an emotional appeal, and the evidence doesn’t convince me, how can I possibly be condemned to hell? Just suck it up an pretend? Well that’s living a lie now isn’t it. Seems I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t, in the immortal words of Bill Hicks: “thanks for giving LORD, for all those options“.

Some pretty cool examples from famous atheists cutting straight to the heart of why they lack a belief in a god or gods (depending on the definitions of such).

MacDonald’s series (subsequent posts here, here, here) critiquing Alistair McGrath, I only have his book “The Twilight of Atheism” (still have not read it) which as MacDonald notes, is perfectly titled and timed as it was released just before atheism really became popular.

(and another link here) This kind of attitude is what I was talking about when I was discussing bad ideas being dangerous, this person offers one study, as a supposed refutation to the scientific consensus and we’re supposed to give up on all the evidence for climate change (see a critique of Spencer’s article here, here  and here and a general critique of his work can be found here)? This is what happens when you have a presupposition (e.g.- God said he’d never flood the earth again) coupled with horrible standards of evidence. It is unlikely that this idea would catch on by those in power (as they are informed by consensus, not by single studies by crackpots) but it demonstrates a problem, this person and people who agree with him,  lobbying for this position, which is not backed by sufficient evidence, simply to push an agenda (presuppositions) what reason is there to promote climate denialism? It’s certainly not the evidence. This is creationism applied to climate science.

(see more here and here and here) I’ve read Chris Hedges “I don’t believe in atheists” a long time ago, and it seemed much along the lines of this review, charging both sides of the theism/atheism debate with some utopian fantasy that will never come true. I don’t understand that kind of mentality personally, but MacDonald does a better job than me, articulating why it’s a lame perspective.

How can you not love Robert Price? I’m currently reading (Reverend) Lee Strobel’s book “A Case for Christ“, and simultaneously reading Price’s “The Case Against the Case for Christ“, which makes any critique I might have pretty much redundant. I’ve been getting back into reading Christian literature again lately, I just read C.S Lewis’ “Mere Christianity” (here, and here) and Norman Geisler’s “Christian Apologetics” which was really good, aside from disagreeing with much of it, (his first cause argument, arguments for the resurrection etc), his philosophy was really interesting, and taught me some things. Geisler doesn’t accept personal experience as a means to convince others, which I too agree with (revelation is necessarily first person, describing your revelation to me is like trying to describe colour to a blind man), he doesn’t accept a priori or a posteriori proofs for God’s existence (citing that they all fail and why), which I obviously agree with (his first causes argument has a priori and a posteriori elements to it), and his chapters on evidentialism were really interesting too (even if I did disagree in the end), a recommended read to Christians (and atheists too).

Sums up exactly what I’ve attempted to say here, here.

Some climate change info, more here.


This issue seems to largely divide the theist/atheist camps, with the religious attempting to define faith as some kind of trust, based on evidence (what that means I do not know) where as atheists attempt to use the word to mean something along the lines of belief without evidence. I leave you to decide where you fall on that spectrum.

Biological basis for morality?

As a semi vegetarian, it’s not hard to imagine where I stand on this.

Some journal articles for you (and below).

Even Swinburne and Plantinga can’t agree.

The more I learn about debating tactics, and I admit I’m severely uneducated, the more you learn to take a more meta analytical approach to the discussion, realizing that not every comment deserves a response, that sometimes critiquing the fallacy is as good as critiquing the argument. Here we see that. Some people make such silly assertions you really do need to just, as the author says “point and laugh“…


This study should be no surprise to anyone right?

(and more here) Don’t think Australia has a problem with fundamentalists attempting to push their agenda onto the rest of us? Look no further (actually do look further, as in here).

Appropriately named. This is a perfect example of why religion needs a discourse, why people who don’t believe in God need to voice that opinion, you may not care about atheism, but Christians do, and they’re prepared to stand up for their beliefs, the least you could do, is stand up for your rights.

I haven’t put my hat in this ring so I thought I’d be clear, I don’t really think Brevick’s Christianity (if he indeed was one) had much if anything to do with what he did, but that really is a huge issue, the important thing in this blog is the demonstration of bias, it shows us that although many Christians, like many Muslims believe they are in a “religion of peace” there are extremists among you, which is exactly what Harris discusses (that moderates pave the way for extremists). It’s up to you, who call yourself Christians to come out, oppose this, condemn it, and make a better Christianity (it’s obviously up to the rest of us too, but I doubt a Christian is going to be convinced by me). For me this has more to do with bad ideas, leading to bad consequences than any specific indictment of religion (though I might agree with that analysis).

Jesus would be proud (see here for the specifics and more here). This is in line with the above, are we to say that all these people who said this, weren’t Christians? Maybe, maybe not, seems once you go down that road, the only Christian left in the world, is you.

Again, not a Christian? Who is then? Only the ones who do good things? This and the above examples aren’t Christians doing things that aren’t to do with Christianity, they are doing things in and around their worldview (is Brevick the exception?), correlation causation, it’s a bitch to establish.

Another perspective. I agree with him (and Nick here) that Brevick’s actions are no real reason to reject Christianity, but I’d also ask, who is rejecting Christianity due to some idiots within it? If there are any atheists using that as a justification for their atheism, they are misguided. At best it works as a critique on the harms of religion, and why an evidence based worldview might be better, but to simply say “Christians kill ergo I don’t believe in God“? There seem to be some steps missing in that logic.

Wow, more here and here.

(More here) As Ophelia Benson said: “If people don’t like Perry’s use of his governorship to promote religion they can just ignore it.” Seems divisiveness just got governmental support.

And more here.

Church led “no true Scotsman” fallacy…Well, not really.

Is Africa destined to become a religious wasteland?

I’ve seen the authors over at Triablogue make a similar claim.

And more here and here.

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